This is a simple wiki to introduce select technology tools, including wikis, Jing, Scoop.It and Diigo, and provide example of how they can be used in adult education classes.


  • To engage students beyond the classroom.
  • To organize your course content electronically.
  • To give you and your students alternative presentation, homework and marking tools.
  • To find additional resources to supplement your course content.
  • To - hopefully - make your job easier.

About me...

My name is Kristi Weisenburger. I am a teacher, trainer and researcher, currently working as a an ESL Writing Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and as a TEFL/TESOL Teacher Trainer with Oxford Seminars. While the majority of my research centers around how technology tools can be used for teaching and learning languages, the tools themselves are applicable to a wide variety of content areas.

Getting Started

To begin, have a browse through the links below. Most pages will give a brief explanation of the tool to be introduced, provide a video tutorial about the tool and offer examples of the way that tool is being used in a variety of content areas for further education.